Create Your Own

Our designs don't ever come from the same designer, designers being young adults. Our designers are anyone that has a clever idea, nifty slogan or vision close to their own hearts. S.C.F. Project is the platform to launch your idea. 

We want to build a community of non-design savvy people surrounded by the network to bring those ideas to life on a simple platform. With the support and following, we can build that network. 

No matter your age or background, if you feel like you have a vision... S.C.F. could be the platform for you, reach out to us today with your vision!


1. Send Us Your idea. Whether it's a slogan, picture or a cause you want to support. We can brainstorm with you! 

2. We will review your idea directly with you. 100% Transparency 

3. Think about the cause/charity you want your item to benefit. Consider having them on board to help promote.

4. We will work on finalizing your idea and launch 

5. Promote your idea while the proceeds go to your cause and an educational IRA for you or a family member 

*Anyone can be a "designer" and all causes are welcomed *